Amazing Apps You Won't Want To Miss

With an average of 6000+ apps being released every day, it is no surprise that more and more of our success quotient is now dependent on how tech savvy we are. Keeping abreast of sweeping changes brought by new applications is no mean task but something that does pay off in the end. Apps which have the potential to enhance your productivity remarkably are many but a few are must haves:

G Suite or Google Apps for Work

G Suite or Google Apps for Work is an productivity and collaboration tool that comprises of Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, etc,. It enhances efficiency drastically. Primarily a filing cabinet, it is secure and allows access to documents and spreadsheets instantly but also allows the user to collaborate with co workers. Boasting over 3 million users in business domain this app has been in function for over a decade now.

Air Droid

Air Droid - One of the productivity hacks is constant distraction being caused by messages from clients, social media connections etc. Air Droid is an app which comes handy in this case. By synchronizing the inflow of messages to the screen you might be focused on it allows the user to dexterously navigate through the chunk without much loss. Users can also open an account with Air Droid which allows them to transmit files from PC to their android based device even when they are on a different WiFi network.

Office Mobile 365

Office Mobile 365 – This app is not for free but it is worth the price. This app works on iOS, Android based devices as well as Windows phone. The app allows users to access MS Excel, MS Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint documents while being on the move. It also keeps updating any changes you might be making to the document by its Cloud sharing. It uses SkyDrive as well as SkyDrive Pro or SharePoint for Cloud management. Configuring two main needs of users such as security and mobility Microsoft has brought forth a complete solution.


This sophisticated cross platform app helps you to do a zillion things with remarkable ease. On a global level, companies are using this app to boost their productivity. The app allows users to create notes which could be in the form of web page or even a voice memo. In this way it helps in linking and sharing ideas, creating to do lists, creating sketches with incredible speed. The app also has an email reminder feature which could be very handy. It has almost 70 + features that help make it truly worthwhile app to have.


Quickbook is an Android based app. It is a very efficient account tool meant to track and manage finances. It allows the user to keep a tab on payroll, inventory, sales, invoices, training solutions and payments. Quickbook is most suitable for small business houses where the profit margin has to be sustained. With its real time inventory valuation it caters to several crucial aspects of business. It also has an iOS equivalent called Fresh Books with cloud integration. Besides helping with invoice generation and payments it also facilitates tax filing.

These apps have really redefined how we go about our business today! The mantra for not being declared redundant is to become conversant with these apps designed to cater to our needs and intended to exploit our potential to the last atom.