Amazing Things You Can Do With A Rasberry Pi And $20

The Rasberry Pi is a very small size computer that has a lot of uses. With the help of a Rasberry Pi, anyone can easily make smart devices. Basically, it works like a proper desktop computer. It was originally manufactured to teach children coding but its scope increases after the engineers saw its potential. Nowadays it is one of the most popular items in the world. It was manufactured by Rasberry Pi Foundations in 2008. It was manufactured for the children but due to its scope and potential, the Rasberry Pi Foundation launched Rasberry Pi in 2012 into the market for sale. There are total 5 models of Rasberry Pi. It is slower than a modern laptop but it is still a complete computer which can provide all the facilities at a low price and very low power consumption. It was designed for the Linux operating system.

There are a lot of things you can do with Rasberry Pi. So here are top 10 best things you can do with the Rasberry Pi and $20.

Customised picture frame

Today digital picture frames are very common but the best thing is that you can make them yourself. You will only need a spare monitor or a digital picture frame with a USB connection. You only have to connect the Rasberry Pi to it with the help of a USB-HDMI adaptor.

NAS drive

It is one of the best use of the Rasberry Pi and also one of the cheapest and simple projects based on it. By using some coding knowledge and external hard drive you can save a lot of money and time. You can also take the help of youtube in making NAS drive. NAS drive is basically a data storage device where you can store things and it can be used by many people.

Learn Programming

You can use the Rasberry Pi to learn programming. As it is filled with all the software you will need to learn to programme and you will also find different versions of Python program, creating tools and many more. It makes very easy to learn programming with the help of the Rasberry Pi.

Build a Dropbox clone

Dropbox is a very great thing but sometimes you want to control your own files. If you have a Rasberry Pi you can build your own storage device. You will only need a microSD card and Rasberry Pi and a good case for it. After joining them you have your personal dropbox in which you can share you all files.

Make a cheap 360 Video Camera

360 video is very cool. Most of the cameras are very costly but you can make a 360 camera with the help of the Rasberry Pi. You will need to put together panoramic accessories which are very cheap (around 9 dollars with Pi Camera module and you are done.

Electric Skateboard

You can make an Electric Skateboard with the help of Rasberry Pi that can be used to zoom around town at the speed of 30kmph. The skateboard is controlled by the Rasberry Pi and the speed is controlled by a remote and there is a motor attached to the rear axle and a battery is also attached to the skateboard.

Electronic chess board

This is a very amazing project for the chess lovers. You will only need a few magnets, some LED's, and some software wizardry. With the help of this electronic chess board, you can also play against a computer on a real wooden chess board. You will only need a chess engine that is called stockfish which will help you to choose the difficulty level and different moves.

Notification indicator

If you are a lazy person and ignore notifications or alarms then this project is for you. You can make a flashing alarm which is very hard to ignore. This device works with the help of google calendar for events which blink 10 minutes before an appointment of the meeting.

Rasberry Pi case from a mint tin

It is one of the simplest things that you can do with the help of the Rasberry Pi. You will only need a mint tin and a small drill. To make it first drill a hole for the Pi LED corner, RCA jack, SD card and for HDMI port. Then put the Rasberry Pi in the tin and plug all the things like SD card USB etc and you are done.

Stop motion camera

There are a lot of ways to create a Pi camera module and one of them is to make a stop motion camera. You will need a Rasberry Pi camera module, a full-size breadboard, and a tactile button. Firstly find the camera port which is next to the ethernet port then place the strip of the Pi module in the connector and turn the power on to boot the Pi.

So these are the 10 amazing things which you can do with the help of the Rasberry Pi.