Best Sharepoint Plugins To Help Your Team Communicate

Communication is the key to success of any projects. A team, communicating frequently and clearly tends to achieve project objectives faster. Communication brings the organization together. Carefully selected communication tool facilitates managers to clearly understand instructions from the management land transmit them effectively to the subordinates. Proper communication channels provide relevant information to the stakeholders in a timely fashion.

There are the number of communication tools present on the internet. The quantum is so high that it can easily baffle someone to choose the right communication tool. When a project is at stake, you cannot follow a trial and hit methodology and need to choose proven methods and tools of communication.

When it comes to the right choice, SharePoint is the perfect tool for effective communication and flexible content management. SharePoint is used by 78% of Fortune 500 companies. It is developed by Microsoft and is a document management and collaboration tool. SharePoint comes with a set of multipurpose technologies that has tight integration with Office 365.

In past, we used to send group emails to communicate important information. The problem with that approach was that the “importance” of information was lost as it might be irrelevant to some people. Moreover, when you try to find a particular information or document afterwards, it was very difficult to find and reference that information. SharePoint allows proper channelization of information and make it available for ready reference. With SharePoint, you can have multiple of people working on the same document at the same time.

Another great story associated with SharePoint is that it is a web platform; you can access it anytime anywhere on a browser of your choice. SharePoint can be used on both internet and intranet.

With a number of Plugins available, you can now make SharePoint even more convenient and effective.

True Copy Paste in one such plugin. With True Copy Paste, you can now copy and move files between folders easily.

LiveTiles SharePoint is another great plugin. It frees teams so they can work from anywhere and anytime. With LiveTiles, you can connect teams via employee search, directories and profiles. You can send instant messages and emails directly from employee search results. It further makes the communication faster and easy.

You can use Yammer with SharePoint. You can swap out the SharePoint Newsfeed with the Yammer one. Yammer is said to be the Facebook of Enterprise. You can join meaningful discussions, get answers to your question and instantly talk to experts across your organization. Yammer allows network access based on the user’s internet domain so only individuals with approved email addresses can join their respective network.

DocRead is a plugin for SharePoint which helps in communicating policies and procedures to a group of users in your organization. You can create and assign policies to a specific group and track who has or has not acknowledged those policies. DocRead makes it very easy to notify and alert employees about the policies they require to read, acknowledge and follow.

In an organization, decision making is quite crucial and difficult. With DocSurvey, you can conduct a survey among your employees, take their feedback and know their opinion. You can assign quizzes and set pass-rate to ensure that your employees have understood particular information.

Actionspace is a SharePoint plugin. It is also available as standalone SaaS software. It is a corporate task management tool through which an organization can manage and control everyday tasks and projects.

If you want a SharePoint calendar plugin, Calendar Events & invites is one of the best Plugins available. You can add events and send invites through SharePoint calendar. It converts SharePoint into virtual meeting organizer for the entire team.

Through conceptClassifier plugin you can manage unstructured and semi-structured data regardless of where it resides. ConceptClassifier eliminates manual tagging and decreases time in text analytics. It improves search and facilitates record management within an organization.

Montrium Connect is one more plugin available for SharePoint. It altogether reduces the need for communication by automated workflows, digital and electronic signature and reporting dashboards.

Employee Directory is one of the ultimate SharePoint plugins which is used to browse and search employees, their job title, skills and profile, search office locations, departments etc. It helps in resource identification and project assignment.

SharePoint is a convenience which has now become a necessity. With SharePoint, you can now effectively manage your projects and team communication. There are many great SharePoint Plugins available on the internet. You just need to explore and click on the right plugin best suited for your requirements.