Plugins For Chrome That Will Optimize Your Browsing Experience

Google Chrome is one of the largest browser markets today. It comes with over 10,000 different chrome extensions which can be a great game changer in your internet world. However, not many chrome users take full advantage of these extensions. This is due to the lack of a proper knowledge on the same or having some difficulties choosing which extension is best for you. Chrome extensions are designed to speed up and improve your browsing experience, giving you an added advantage of enjoying a full and enjoyable experience in your browsing adventure.

Their installation is easy, which comes with features that enable you to connect to your favourite service without hassle. In this post, we have narrowed down some of the best chrome plugins that will optimize your browsing experience. Before your next browsing, try them out and see the results. Let's have a look.


Online advertising is destructive and irritating. It can eat your time and is even expensive to your bandwidth. This is why you need AdBlocker chrome extension. AdBlocker extension enables you to effectively block ads on the web including video ads, pop-ups, and banner ads. The extension is configured and can also selectively block certain advertisements on the website with blacklisting wizard interface. It is free, very optimized and well supported. This extension will help you take control of your browsing experience.


You can be a good writer, but editing your work on your own sometimes can be challenging. Grammarly is an online grammar checker that help you to proof-read your work before submitting it. Grammarly Chrome extension allows you to have an error-free and easy-to-read work. It flags obvious grammatical errors and misspellings and enables you to correct them. It allows you to have confidence in your work on different platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Gmail.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome screenshot chrome extension gives you an alternative way to take a quick screenshot in an enjoyable way. You don't need to go through the hassle of using the old Ctrl+PrtSc method. This extension enables you to only capture the data that is relevant to you. It is highly customized and comes with lots of option that allows you to only capture a small section of your target, capture the whole page or record a video capture. This extension makes your browser more easy and enjoyable.

Data Saver

If you have unlimited bandwidth plans and that you are having issues with the weekly or monthly data cap, this chrome extension can eliminate your browsing worries. It works by compressing all the pages that you want to download by sending them to Google's own server before being delivered to you, hence minimizing unnecessary bandwidth. You are also sure of your data security since this extension does not compress encrypted pages like Facebook, Twitter and Gmail are not compressed.

Save to Pocket

When you are browsing and you have tons of contents more than you can handle, the only hope you have against the Internet's onslaught of these contents is by having this chrome extension. It gives you a comfortable read-it-later option. Instead of having to rush through the articles which can easily result in forgetting memorable articles, all you need to do with this extension is to bookmark the articles you're interested in hence reading it later when you have more leisure time.


Ghostery is one of the best reliable anti-tracking extension to Google users. It automatically blocks all kinds of online trackers and disables your data from being tracked. It comes with a myriad way of options. Chrome users are able to choose certain websites they mostly trust and allow them to track their data and blocking out some of the trackers.

Page Analytic

If you have an online shop, page analytic chrome extension can do a great work for you. It enables you to see how customers interact with your website pages, including what they save in waiting list, what they like and what they don't like. This gives you a detailed insight that can be used to optimize your website layout, improve in products and increase connections with your customers.

OneClick Cleaner

If you don't clean your browsing data and history regularly, your chrome can slow down and eventually crash. In addition to this, your browsing history and private data can be easily be subjected to third-party data snooping. To avoid this, there is a need for regular clean up. OneClick Cleaner chrome extension is a free, faster and easy to use tool that is powerful for cleaning private data. Having it as one of your chrome extension can bring browsing satisfactions and avoid disappointments of your private information from licking to third parties.

Typio Form Recovery

Nothing disappoints like losing your text when the power goes off. Starting over when things come back to normal can be a tedious work. Typio Form Recovery provides a great solution for this. This chrome extension allows you to automatically save your text in case of power or even connection problems. It gives you a full control of allowing all sites where you need auto-saving to take place and the time it should last.


After having your fantastic chrome extensions installed, it is obvious that not all of them will work at the same time for a specific website. Or maybe, you don't know how you can easily access settings and other options of each extension. SimpleExtManager chrome extension gives you a simple menu where you can enable, disable or access various options for all your chrome extensions.

In conclusion, having more and unnecessary extensions in your chrome can do more harm than benefit. Most of the time, unnecessary chrome extensions end up making your system slow hence resulting in a horrible browsing experience. While it's absolutely necessary to add chrome extensions that will breeze your browsing experience, the chrome extensions above are unavoidable to all chrome users if they want to experience a speedy, secure and enjoyable browsing.