Trending Pieces Of Tech You Should Know About

There have been so many TV shows that predict the adverse outcome of technology trends in the future, which include virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and cybercrime among many others. These are just predictions that are based on the fast rate at which technology is growing. There is, however, a positive side of new and advancing technology that we should all focus on. Below is a list of the trending technological advancements that you probably have no clue whether they existed.


The expansion and popularity of this technological advancement are caused by the rapid growth of cryptocurrencies in the year 2017. Nonetheless, while a good number of people view Bitcoin as an easy gateway to riches and wealth, blockchain has an appealing outlook in providing and ensuring secure digital transactions. This trend is prevalent in developing countries like Eastern European and Africa. More developing teams or societies use blockchain while governmental administrators discuss the perspectives.

Augmented reality

This tech trend is usually employed in most gaming arenas but there more other ways that this trend can be used for. This trend is considered to of more importance to end users compared to virtual reality. Augmented reality tends to add virtual information layers to the actual world thus making it more interesting.

Voice assistants

This technological trend is employed on computers, smart and connected homes, and Smartphones. Usually, the virtual voice from these hi-tech devices is configured or programmed to offer the assistance that a user requests. Similar solutions from Amazon, Sonos, and Google have been growing recently.

Artificial intelligence

This technological advancement is widely used, and it is primarily an autonomous computer that has the capability of processing every type of information in the world. This trend is already being used in many fields, for instance, voice assistants, Facebook algorithms, autonomous vehicles as well as smart and connected homes.

Also, this technology is applied in the analysis of loads of data where human workforce cannot be efficient. For instance, big pharmaceutical companies use artificial intelligence to detect counterfeit drugs all over the world. The main aim of doing this is to create a safer online market for the sale of safe drugs.

Internet of things

This technology has been popular in the digital world for many years. However, in 2017, this technological trend showed a huge potential in smart-home devices as well as the importance of its mobile gadgets. This technology is not limited only to smart and connected homes. Its central idea is introducing technology in the day-to-day lives of users.

These trends are just the beginning of more ground-breaking technological ideas to come. Since the world is rapidly moving towards automation, almost everything will be computerized in the near future. Most people have mixed feeling when it comes to tech advancement, but just like everything else, technology has its good sides and downsides.It is therefore always advisable to always focus on the positive side because technology makes the world a better place.